University of Lethbridge Library

University of Lethbridge Library

University of Lethbridge Library's homepage

At the University of Lethbridge, their Library has a focus on advertising their 2.0 services. The library’s home page has the standard search box, links to databases and drop down menus. But they also have visible links to RSS feeds and a prominent advertisement for the library’s mobile website. The library’s mobile site seems to be optimized for Apple mobile devices, but it’s a functional and aesthetically appealing resource for access on the go. Especially useful and thoughtful are options that allow users to book group meeting rooms and find free library computers.

Along the right side of the home page, all of the library’s 2.0 services are promoted through large, colourful icons. This makes them easy to see and access, inviting users to click them right away. More libraries should use this approach when designing their home pages: as a portal and site to link many of the other services offered by the library.

The University of Lethbridge also offers the standard IM chat option, but it is automatically opened in a separate window, which provides a bit more flexibility when working with multiple applications and programs.

University of Lethbridge Library Facebook page

University of Lethbridge Library's Facebook page

The Twitter and Facebook profiles maintained by the university mostly listed the same information, which was updates about library facilities, hours, and upcoming events. One interesting addition to the Facebook profile was the option to search the library catalog directly from the Facebook page. While I am not sure that I would choose Facebook as the place to go for more in-depth searches, it could provide a quick, convenient search.

Overall, the University of Lethbridge Library does a good job of promoting their 2.0 services on their home page, which is a key place to start. At the same time, these advertised services need to be easy to use, and Lethbridge Library has also put time and effort into the design of their 2.0 services. Their Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds provide frequent and informative updates, and their mobile website (while optimized for Apple products) also provides focused and effective functionality.

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