McMaster University Library

At McMaster University Library, a concerted effort to embrace Library 2.0 is being made. Along with the ever popular IM chat option, the library also lists its MSN, GoogleTalk, and Yahoo! user names. Another site that is used to provide information to users is Twitter, where the library highlights different services and resources offered. The library even hosts many wikis, which cover topics that range from specific class assignments to work policies.

McMaster University Library's Twitter

McMaster University Library's Twitter

Their Twitter page especially seems to be an effective way to reach out to library users. It’s visually appealing and updated very regularly. The tweets inform students about important information (changes in hours of operation, new events, links to helpful research resources, etc.). While their Twitter account has only around 680 followers, other students and users may be choosing to receive these updates via RSS, which may be less intrusive, and thus preferred.

The wikis and blogs that are hosted by McMaster University Library are also indicative of their willingness to embrace 2.0. Aptly named the “2.0 Toolbox”, the site allows users to create their own wikis and contribute to their education. There is an impressive number of blogs created by students, and the wikis used for class work offer an interesting and interactive platform for learning.

McMaster University Library's Wiki

McMaster University Library's Wiki (2.0 Toolbox)

The extent to which McMaster University’s Library is utilizing 2.0 services is admirable, and I would definitely make use of their Twitter updates. The account seems well maintained, and the staff provides a mixture of interesting and useful updates. One suggestion I would make to improve the library’s 2.0 services would be to make these more accessible from the central site. Difficult to find if a user is new to the library website, I would welcome a drop down menu that lists these kinds of services in one place.

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